Candy Buffet Table 101

Presentation Use a color scheme that matches your wedding palette:  wedding colors aren’t just for the flowers and bridesmaids dresses!   Taking advantage of the colors you’ve already established can enhance your candy table’s presence, and bring cohesion to your entire reception. Create depth and height in your display:  with simple boxes or even phone books, [...]

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Prelude Music

It’s the prelude to the kiss! Prelude music is played as guests are taking their seats right before the wedding ceremony is set to start. Think of prelude songs as the opening act to your romantic play. Some favorite prelude music of brides past? Always on My Mind (Willie Nelson), Amazing Grace (Traditional) and Beauty [...]

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5 tips to plan your present list

Did you know 80%* of couples live together before they get married, this explains why a traditional Wedding List is not quite as relevant in today’s world.  If like many couples the two of you already have everything you need for your home perhaps you would consider asking guests to contribute to a bigger or [...]

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Asian Wedding Photographer

Asian Wedding Photographer Joshua Archer is a highly experienced wedding photographer confident and well versed in Asian Weddings. His discreet approach and Reportage Wedding Photography style allow him to capture the unique story of each Asian Wedding. Asian Reportage Wedding Photographers Usually much larger than their English counterparts, Asian weddings can be tough for some [...]

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Banquet Atelier & Workshop

New to Sweet Paper, Banquet Atelier & Workshop is a Vancouver-based design studio that celebrates nature and animals. Partners Sarah Edmonds and Tammy Lawrence share an eye for bold and playful imagery which can be seen in their gorgeous wrapping sheets, art prints and greeting cards.

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Floating Candle Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

When it comes to a wedding, the location is definitely very important and it has to be well chosen and decorated. You must find a way to make it look amazing and to personalize it in order to be suitable for your wedding theme and for your personalities. You must decide if you want a [...]

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Wedding Details by Myrtle & Marjoram

When I was initially planning this new site design, I really wanted to focus on one thing…the details. I wanted every area to be thoughtfully designed so that you guys would have a really nice experience when you were browsing around. Weddings are much the same. I’ve said it a million times but it really [...]

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Inspiring Wedding with Customs from Around the World

Viv flashes a gorgeous smile Here’s an inspiring wedding for you: Viv and Ben used customs from all around the world to make their wedding celebrations a whole lot of fun. I love the Wife Cakes, napkin waving, shouting on chairs and lining up to kiss the bride and groom! They also chose a venue [...]

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Wedding theme ideas: Purple colour scheme

Purple is an extremely versatile wedding colour scheme theme. From Lavender, to violet and all shades in between, purple is anenticing, extrovert colour often associated with royalty, mystery and creativity.

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Wedding Template

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